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Rental Information

Reservations & Deposit Schedules:
There is a $200 rental minimum. To reserve your rentals, a 50% non refundable deposit is due upon signing the rental contract. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the event date.

Damage Waiver:
10% of the rental subtotal will be included in your grand total as a nonrefundable Damage Waiver. This fee is to account for the expected and minor damages that will occur throughout the preparation, duration, and breakdown of your event. Examples of expected and minor damages include the following: subtle/few cracks or chips in glassware, small scratches or dents, and no more than 5% of missing units upon rental return. Example: 100 glass votive units are rented, and 97 units are returned. The missing 3 votives are covered in your damage waiver.

Excessive Damage Fee:
If more than 5% of the rental units are not returned, or damaged beyond future use the cost per unit will be charged to replace the items. For handcrafted, large rentals, such as ceremony and installation structures, excessive damage will result in a full replacement fee.

Refundable Cleaning Deposit:
20% of the rental subtotal will be added to your grand total as a refundable cleaning deposit. The conditions of the refund require that all rental items are returned in the same condition that they were received. If items are returned with wax, floral debris, tape, chicken wire, etc., the cleaning deposit will be withheld on behalf of Daisy Stone Studio for necessary cleaning expenses.

Pick Up & Drop Off:
Rental items (excluding ceremony and installation structures) will be picked up and dropped off by appointment only. Pick up and drop off appointments will be scheduled with at least 72 hours notice. If for any reason you have to reschedule your appointment, Daisy Stone Studio must be notified with more than 24 hours notice, or a $50 fee will apply. This fee will also apply to pick up and drop off appointment no-shows. All rental items (excluding ceremony and installation structures) must be picked up and dropped off at the following address:

Daisy Stone Studio
141 North Street, Suite 301
Pittsfield, MA, 01201

Cancellation, Rescheduling Refund Policy:
Should it be necessary for you to reschedule your specialty rental or floral installation date, we will work with you to reconfigure our services for the new event date to the best of our ability. We cannot guarantee Daisy Stone Studio’s availability of rental items for future dates outside of the dates in your original contract.

Order Finalizing:
We will be in contact with you 1 week prior to your event to confirm your pick up, drop off, and final order details. If there is a need to increase quantities, we can not guarantee availability of additional quantities at this time in the process.

Ceremony & Installation Structures:
All ceremony structures are required to be assembled and taken down by the Daisy Stone Studio Team. This service of delivery, installation, and breakdown is included in the price. Charges may increase beyond this service, based on time and location. (ie difficult access to ceremony locations, time specific and narrow time windows for and removal immediately following or transfer of structure, additional wait time) Please advise the Daisy Stone Studio team ahead of time to avoid any additional fees.

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