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Daisy Stone Studio is a team of passionate, hardworking, creative floral designers located in the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. More than florists, we are artists, builders and designers who can custom-create the ideal botanical elements for your unique event anywhere in New England, New York and beyond.

We love collaborating with clients to cultivate an authentic feeling with our design, and we bring high attention to detail and an elevated degree of organization. We specialize in custom floral installations, styling and specialty rentals. We frequently collaborate with other brands on photo shoots, videos and other productions where designed botanical elements can create the perfect visual atmosphere.

From the Berkshires and beyond, we are thrilled to do what we love!

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Owner and Designer, Susie Hanna

Growing up in the hills of Western Massachusetts, my childhood world was full of natural beauty. Rivers, ponds, lush pastures bound by historic stone walls — it was the pinnacle of picturesque, small-town New England life. Abundant wildflowers and cycling flora marked the passage of each year. In the spring, Indian paintbrushes and buttercups dotted the fields. Autumn, of course, was all about the technicolor foliage. And then there was high summer, the time of sunflowers, queen anne’s lace, tiger lilies, and daisies filtered through hazy afternoon light.

Over time, I was drawn to explore beyond this peaceful world and spent a while living in the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and New York. The views were different but no less spectacular. The panorama of the Golden Gate Bridge against a Pacific sunset, the stone detail in the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler Building at night are all emblazoned in my memory.

The name “Daisy Stone” is a reference to this mix of beauty that inspires my design: the wild countryside (the daisy) and the stunning architecture of cities (the stone).

Informally, my true inspiration is the color, form, and texture I observe in the world. But formally, I studied my trade at the New York Botanical Gardens, receiving a certification in Floral Design in 2011.

As the founder and creative director of Daisy Stone Design, I’m thoughtful about who I partner with to bring floral artistry alive. I’m fortunate to have an amazing team that shares the same joy of floral magic and collaboration on this journey with me.

Daisy Stone Studio | A Floral Design Studio